Helping authors gain visibility and outreach to fans, buyers & community

Author Platform is:

  • What you publish
  • An author website and/or blog
  • What you do and who you reach online
  • Where you communicate in print
  • Where you meet, speak, or teach
  • Media appearances and mentions
  • Who you reach traditionally

To build a platform, an Author chooses over time how to allocate their:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Patience
  • Daily commitment
  • Online savvy


Author Platforms

  • Boost web visibility with blogs, newsletters and social media
  • Develop relationships with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Build a database to track fans
  • Develop credibility with other authors and experts
  • Market and sell on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in other proven venues

Content Matters

  • Feature content in your voice that promotes business goals
  • Define messages that connect users to your unique value and purpose
  • Deliver the information your clients want to know
  • Write for clarity, readability, findability, and scanability
  • Create a content plan, style guide and editorial process
two people in front of search engine monitor representing marketing


  • Create effective online marketing
  • Build your community with social media
  • Optimize search engines and directory reach so clients can find you
  • Build alliances with experts and influencers through link building
  • Promote your website with email campaigns, newsletters and more
Website Design and Redesign

Site Design & Redesign

  • Find the sweet spot between your client’ needs and your business goals
  • Create leads with distinctive brand messages and clear calls to action
  • Choose from affordable designs tailored to your budget
  • Use only enough technology to help clients accomplish their goals
  • Grow with responsive mobile-to-desktop “device-agnostic” designs

Why Us

Ensure your website is easy to use, efficient, error free and findable — using the latest search technologies. More¬†than 15 years proven experience designing usable, small business websites that meet business goals and help clients successfully perform tasks with a minimum of support.

See your business prosper with goals and objectives incorporated in an effective and purpose-driven website that meets clientss needs and keeps them coming back.

Make edits and add pages without having to go back to your designer. Your website is built using WordPress with a simple change management system. Included with your site is a hidden section that documents the changes you can make and the changes you want to request your designer to make. It’s easy and simple, by design.

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  • #1 factor to get published is your author’s platform. It is your built-in fan base of thousands.
  • Should start growing an author platform 2 years before publishing book
  • Crafted for each author’s needs and priorities
  • Author outreach plan using your website or blog AND off site fan and buyer outreach

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